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History of the Lighthouse Foundation

Although we are supporters of the foundation we are not official representatives, to find out more go to the official site http://www.naadp.com/

  • Main Project - Offers support to any family who reside in Ayrshire and have a family member addicted to either drugs or alcohol.  132 families support in 2012- 55% from EAC
  • Supporting the Families of Prisoners at HMP Kilmarnock - Offers support to families who have a family member imprisoned in HMP Kilmarnock, the project gives advice to families of prisoners at Outside visits on prison procedures and for in depth support the family is referred to the charity’s Prison Support Coordinator. 79 Families accessed support via Support Coordinator with advice given to 428 families.  
  • Support for families of the accused at Ayr and Kilmarnock Sherriff Courts - Project offers support, advice and advocacy for families via charity’s Court Advisor - if family member is imprisoned family is referred to Prison Support Coordinator -57 families supported.  
  • S.T.O.P. Drugs Education Saves Lives - Provides information to families, families of prisoners and community groups in Ayrshire on the signs of basic drug abuse, signs of overdose, basic first aid, Naloxone (antidote of opiate overdose, which if administered can help prevent drug related death) training for families in partnership with NHS Ayrshire and Arran and information on legislation. The Project also delivers Basic drug awareness to a number of secondary school in South and East Ayrshire

Supporting the Local Community

Join us to be inspired by possibilities, share your struggles, and learn together

Our Society is:

  • a place to be inspired by possibilities and celebrate achievements
  • a place to share your struggles and engage in honest, open discussion
  • a support network where you can ask for advice, offer help, promote your activities
  • a learning exchange where you tell your story, hear others’ experiences, and find resources

Our Society aims to connect people who are genuinely concerned to move power into communities and who help others to improve their shared lives and environment. We are here to share ways of achieving social, economic and environmental benefit where you live and among your communities of interest.

We see value in many of the ideas advocated under the Big Society label, local decision-making, mutual support within communities, strengthening civic institutions and wider civic participation. We believe they belong within a wider context of social action that has a long history and a future beyond the programmes and initiatives of different governments.

It's important that at a time when much of the infrastructure that supports community action is under threat, we find ways to continue supporting each other, sharing experiences and concerns, and creating honest dialogue rather than selling brands.

Our Society aims to provide a space where people can :

  • share their stories and struggles as they see them
  • be inspired by their peers’ successes and achievements
  • keep a record of good work that may be lost through spending cuts
  • highlight the ‘forgotten society’ of those left behind in an unequal nation
  • make connections with others who are engaged in related activities
  • learn from others’ experiences
  • ask for help or advice
  • support those who are isolated or under pressure
  • meet up
  • share expertise and offer valued services
  • explore new opportunities
  • lay the foundations for new approaches to social action

Our Society welcomes those of all political views who share these objectives. We are aiming to develop this network in partnership with our members and there will be a co-design process over the next few months where you can help to steer and shape this network.

What we are all about

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A place to be inspired by possibilities and celebrate achievements


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